Laser Cutting at our factory in Vietnam

Introducing Laser Cutting Vietnam

Welcome to Laser Cutting Vietnam, an organization dedicated to sheet metal fabrication in Vietnam. We use, among other metalworking operations, laser cutting as basis for our sheet metal processing operations. We are a fully foreign invested metalworking factory located in the south of Vietnam. The company is managed by European experts with tons of experience in managing sheet metal operations both in Europe as well as in Asia, supported by a highly skilled and experienced Vietnamese team.

When it comes to risk management and risk mitigation in relation to diligent supply chain management; Vietnam has emerged as a key player in the global sub-contracting and outsourcing market. Vietnam is an excellent alternative to production in China. Many businesses are turning to Vietnam for its competitive advantages in cost, quality, and supply chain security. The country’s skilled workforce and favorable business environment make it an attractive destination for outsourcing various services, including manufacturing and production.

Industrial laser cutting in Vietnam is witnessing rapid expansion, driven by advancements in technology and the growing demand for precision, effectiveness, but also as an environmentally friendly method of production due to its high efficiency.

For those in need of professional laser cutting services, Vietnam presents a compelling option. With its skilled workforce, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to quality, Vietnam stands as an attractive destination for industrial laser cutting services. Whether it’s prototyping, mass production, or custom fabrication, Laser Cutting Vietnam offers solutions and results to your sheet metal needs.

For more information on Vietnam as sourcing hub or on laser cutting please click Vietnam supply chain or laser cutting wiki

Laser cutting & metalworking services

Laser cutting sheet

Laser cutting fabrication service for stainless steel sheet metal factory in vietnam

Cutting service for
sheet metal.

Laser cutting tube

laser cutting in Vietnam of stainless steel tube in factory manufacturing

Cutting service for
tube & pipe.

Post processing

robot or handheld-laser-welding-vietnam factory and fabrication products

Cutting, forming, bending, joining, and clinching.

Industries & Sheet metal products

Laser Cutting Vietnam serves a diverse array of markets, catering to the unique needs of various industries. We serve industries varying from EV charging to solar power infrastructure, from audio/TV to displays, from vehicle accessories (car/motorbike) to carts and trolleys, from building hardware to furniture hardware, and from industrial food processing to agricultural solutions.

Please see our Industries & Products page for more information; one thing you will notice is our ability to tailor or operations to different standards. Agility, adaptability, and smooth new product introduction are carried by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Sales, Engineering, Supply chain, Quality, and Production.

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Worldwide delivery

We have all licenses for export worldwide

Orders will be packed in our factory and will be sea-worthy packed. The products could be, sheet metal laser cutting parts, or stamping products. They can be flat foldouts, bent parts, welded, or powder coated. Therefore we deliver the products under the following Incoterms: Ex. work, FOB, CNF, CIF, DDU or DAP.

World wide delivery with compliant documentation and financial transaction.

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Why Laser Cutting Vietnam?

Why should you work with us?

We are a foreign-owned enterprise and take away miscommunication. Therefore we give you clear timelines and possibilities about what can and can’t be done. No surprises!

Our unique selling points?

We are mastering the languages Dutch, German, English, as well as Vietnamese.
Till now we have 25 years of experience in sheet metal works in Europe, the USA, and Vietnam.
Therefore we have a low overhead and keep hourly rates competitive.

Trustworthy and reliable

With the implementation of ERP and Industry 4.0 we automate our production at the start. Good preparation means good work instruction to get the order done. Work-, assembly,- and coating instructions are all prepared up front.
Besides having quality checks as integrated integrated part with all steps of the process we also control operations by through ERP software. In this way, we control and correct the process and minimize rejects.